Wednesday, 4 September 2013

6 Famous Twins You Forgot About

  • Whether in the movies, sports, or in the music scene, we have come to know some of the most interesting and most renowned twins in history. The following is a list of famous twins who have made headlines because of their talents and accomplishments throughout the years. 1. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen The world knows that these two have their own dispositions and sense of fashion, but no one can dispute the fact that the Olsens are amazing when they work together. In fact, it was their infamous role as twins in the TV sitcom Full House that propelled their success, and even in the billing, the two were inseparable! Dulastar, the production company’s name, was able to produce a number of top-selling films by these renowned twins including Billboard Dad, It Takes Two, and New York Minute, to name a few. The Olsens also started their range of fashion lines and posed for a few ads such as the Badgley Mischka. With their fashion empire that reaches over $1 billion, these two are indeed among the wealthiest twins in Hollywood. 2. Jenna and Barbara Bush The renowned fraternal twins, who were also the former first daughters, have their own unique qualities despite the fact that they were born a few minutes apart. One pursued the arts, while the other flourished with her media career. In terms of physical appearance and character, these two are also quite different – as one is blonde and vivacious, while the other is brunette and quiet. Nevertheless, the two were inseparably close even after their years in the White House after Bush took office. With their thriving careers, enigmatic personalities and staying power, 3. Ronde and Tiki Barber Everybody knows that the world of sports can be a tough and competitive one, yet Ronde and Tiki Barber were hardly against each other as they fought against other football teams since they were still in college. These famous football player twins were born five weeks early and seven minutes apart, and both of them have decided to live a fulfilling and successful life ever since. The Barber twins were both football players at the University of Virginia, where Ronde was at cornerback and Tiki did great at running back. Although recently, their careers diverged quite a bit when Tiki retired from playing football and began a career as a commentator while Ronde remained as a cornerback for the same team he played for 16 seasons ago. Nevertheless, these two have managed to achieved success in everything they do – whether they work together or not. 4. Robin and Maurice Gibb Robin and Maurice were famous for their wildly successful disco/pop band, The Bee Gees. The twin brother formed the band together with Barry, their older brother. Maurice, who was 35 minutes younger than Robin, died in January 2003 after severe complications when he had intestinal surgery. On the other hand, Robin passed away in May 2012 because of his long-term battle with cancer. The two were very close with each other, and Robin spoke dearly of his beloved Maurice during his final moments in 2012. It was the twins’ distinctive harmonies and Barry’s falsetto that made the Bee Gees famous for decades, and they earned numerous awards for their hard work and remarkable talents.Jenna and Barbara are indeed one of the best duo in history5. Joel and Benji Madden These world-famous rockstars also led a fascinating career because of their outstanding talents and great collaboration. The identical twin brothers formed the rock band Good Charlotte in 1996, along with their two other friends in Maryland. Joel was the band’s lead vocals while Benji played the lead guitar and did backup vocals. The band made it big in the music scene with their top hits such as “Little Things”, and “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”. Although they have not been in the limelight for quite some time now, the two were controversial because of their love life. Benji was known to have dated some of the most gorgeous women in the world including Paris Hilton, Holly Madison and Sophie Monk, while Joel dated Hilary Duff before he settled down and married Nicole Richie. 6. Tegan and Sara Quinn Another set of successful twins in the world of music is Tegan and Sara Quinn, who formed the famous indie rock band – Tegan and Sara. These two have been writing their own songs and playing the guitar since they were 15, and they became famous not only for their music, but also for their causes. While they do not consider their music as “overly political”, they are passionate political and social activists. The two released their first album in 1999, “Under Feet Like Ours”, and their seventh album was released in January 2013.


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